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Philosophy & Desired Outcomes
Our mission is to develop pupils into disciplined, thinking and responsible citizens of Singapore through participation in co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities play a key role in the school’s character development programme. It aims to create opportunities for pupils to learn, contribute, collaborate and lead as well as to develop talents and mastery of skills.
The school offers a total of 16 CCAs in Sports, Uniform Groups, Performing Arts as well as Clubs and Societies. Each pupil must participate in at least one CCA throughout his or her secondary school years.
Participation has to be continuous with 75% attendance throughout the secondary course before points can be awarded. Absence from any CCA session must be supported with medical certificates or letters from parents stating a valid reason.
Pupils are not allowed to change their CCAs. However, pupils who join the Uniformed Organisations are permitted to change their CCAs on medical reasons.