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An Overview


The DSA-Sec Exercise is conducted in 3 main stages as follows:
a. Selection Stage (01 Jul – 31 Aug 2015)
During the Selection Stage, participating secondary schools will identify, select and categorise students who have submitted DSA Application Forms to their schools. This includes trials and interviews conducted for final selection.
By 8 Sep, all participating secondary schools are required to issue letters to all the school’s applicants informing them if they have been given a Confirmed Offer (CO), put on the Waiting List (WL) or if the school is unable to offer them a place. Students given a CO are guaranteed a place in the school provided the school offers a course [Express, Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical)] which the student is eligible for.

b. Exercise School Preference Stage (26 Oct – 30 Oct 2015)
Prior to the commencement of the Exercise School Preference Stage, a School Preference Form will be issued to all candidates through their primary schools. This form will consolidate all the offers the student has received from the various schools, and is intended to facilitate him in indicating his school preferences.
During this stage, candidates who have been identified under the Confirmed List and the Waiting List of a school will be asked to indicate their preference for up to a maximum of 3 schools. Parents can submit their child’s DSA school preferences either electronically via DSA-Sec Internet System (DSA-Sec IS) or physically submit to the child’s primary school.

c. Results Release Stage (Between 25 to 27 Nov 2015)
After the allocation of candidates to the various schools (based on their indicated school preferences and how the schools have ranked them), the results of the DSA-Sec Exercise will be released through primary schools together with the PSLE results.
Selection Criteria
  • Football Skills Assessment - Ball skills, teamwork and overall football awareness. 
  • Interview Sessions on applicant’s character traits such as commitment, resilience and positive learning attitude.
  • Review of primary school academic results, testimonials and CCA records - P5 and P6 school results, Teachers’ remarks/comments, Testimonials, CCA records etc.
Important Notice for successful DSA applicants:
  • That under MOE guidelines, successful DSA applicants are not allowed to transfer to another school.
  • Successful DSA applicants are expected to be in the football CCA for at least 2 years.
  • Successful DSA applicants while guaranteed a place in the CCA, will not be guaranteed a place in the school team. Selection into the school team will still be based on merit, subject to good conduct in school.