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School Crest

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Hong Kah Secondary School Crest

The School Crest is a very important symbol of our school. To most who live in Jurong, it is a key image associated with Hong Kah Secondary School since 1994, and it reflects very clearly a set of values, beliefs and relationships which we, as a school, stand for. 

To keep up with the changing times, our school is looking into a makeover of our school crest to update it for the 21st century. While retaining features of the old crest that has become familiar with the residents of Jurong, fresh dimensions have been included to signify a new and vibrant culture in Hong Kah. 

The crest represents the philosophy of the school, and our commitment to the education of our pupils: 

The ROUND SHAPE reflects the aim of the school to provide a well-rounded education for each and every HKSS pupil.

The THREE STARS represent the three participants in the education enterprise: the Parents, the Pupils and the Professionals. Each has an important role to play, but the brightest star of the show is the pupil.

The GLOBE signifies the internationalised outlook of our New World-Ready Youths.

The Chinese characters  remind the pupils while we move forward in the name of change, we must not forget the richness of our past. Hong Kah is named after the old Hong Kah Village in Jurong. When Jurong was redeveloped, the original village and its inhabitants were relocated but the name was retained phonologically for the sense of rootednes to our history. The characters  encompass the meaning of "abundance" and "praises".

The Hong Kah colours are retained for their significance:
BLUE represents the infinite opportunities to reach for the stars.
GREEN represents nature and life, and the caring environment that nurtures. 
GOLD represents the ultimate achievement of the STAR, the invaluable qualities of education.

The school motto of "Conquer Thyself" embodies the values of self-discipline as demonstrated by the 5 Rs: 

following Rules, showing Respect, taking Responsibility, building Relationships ad Reflecting on the impact of our actions on all those around us.

The Crest is a statement of what is important to our school community. It tells the story of our school and that story is as appropriate today as it was when it was first presented in 1994.