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Berita Harian Competition 2015

Our secondary 3 Express/ Higher Malay students took part in a National Day essay writing competition organised by Berita Harian. The theme of the essay is ‘Singapuraku 50 Tahun Akan Datang’ (My Singapore in the Next 50 Years).


We are proud to announce that 4 out of the 6 winners are our Hong Kah Lites. Each winner received a pair of NDP tickets. The winners are:



  1. Nur Khairunnisa Rosedin (3E2A)
  2. Shafiatul Atika Norisham (3E2A)
  3. Sufian Suhaimi (3E2A)
  4. Mardiana Azman (3E1)



Congratulations to all winners! Do check out some of the winners’ entries, which were published in I3 & GenG (the insert in Berita Harian) by clicking  here  and  here .


We would also like to compliment Shafiatul Atikah Norisham from 3E2A for her selfless act is giving her NDP tickets to Siti Musfirah Mokhsin, a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome, who really wished to watch the NDP live.  More details