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MOE D&T Awards 2016

Eric Lim Rui Quan from Secondary  5N1, Class of 2015, has done the school proud by clinching the "Creative Adaptation” award at the prestigious D&T Awards 2016. The competition, organised by MOE, NIE and DTES, is proudly sponsored by the Singapore Science Centre.

ERIC 2.png

The D&T Awards are given out annually to pupils for their good design work. The award aims to encourage D&T pupils to engage in thoughtful design thinking processes in deriving meaningful design solutions.

Eric was invited to give a short presentation of his design process during the D&T Award 2016 Exhibition Week on 02 Jun 2016. He had the opportunity of introducing his design artefact to visitors, including A/P Lim Tit Ming, CEO of Singapore Science Centre. His artefact, entitled ‘Little Tayo’, is currently showcased at the MOE Edutorium Display and will be on display for a year.

When interviewed, Eric notes that the guidance from his D&T teachers were instrumental in overcoming the numerous challenges he faced in the process of completing the project. His project, a practical tool that helps mothers to clear up children’s toys, was spurred by his desire to use design thinking  to create something useful and practical.