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Ex-Hong Kah Lite At The Singapore Polytechnic

HKSS(2015-07-07)Ex-HongKahLite-Jocelyn.jpgWe celebrate the outstanding achievements of our ex-Hong Kah lite, Jocelyn Ong Pei Ning, who had excelled in her tertiary education in Singapore Polytechnic.
Jocelyn, from Secondary 4A (class of 2011) was awarded a Diploma in Materials Science with a Silver Medal for her course of study in Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences.
Our Head of Department for English Language and Literature, Mrs Yeo Woei Ling, attended Jocelyn’s graduation ceremony to congratulate her on behalf of the school. Mrs Yeo, who was Jocelyn’s English teacher, remembers Jocelyn as a motivated young lady who had clear goals in her life and strove to realise her ambitions. A disciplined and meticulous student, she took great pride in producing good quality work on time, a testimony to her industry.
Jocelyn credits Hong Kah’s STARS vision, especially the vision statement ‘thinking and caring’ and her teachers for her motivation and success in life.
‘My alma mater’s vision of developing ‘thinking and caring’ individuals has taught me to always think before I act and to care for the people around me. I am also grateful to have Hong Kah teachers who have made an impact on my life. One of the teachers is Mrs Yeo as she shared many life lessons which could not be found in textbooks and this made her English lessons much more enjoyable and interesting. She is someone whom I will always look up to as she is a dynamic, caring and inspiring teacher.’
Jocelyn would be studying Biological Science in the School of Biological Science at the Nanyang Technological University. She aspires to contribute back to society and thus hopes to create something new such as a vaccine against a virus or a new medicine to cure a certain illness after her studies.
Jocelyn hopes that her success would inspire her juniors and has this piece of advice for them: ‘As long as you set your heart and mind on what you want to achieve, along with determination and effort, you will definitely see the fruit of your labour and hard work.’