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Aesthetics, Craft & Technology Department



To create an enriching environment where the staff and students are flexible and mobile learners who are ready to connect to the global and borderless community.


Learn, Innovate and Create


  • Creative & Innovative Learners
  • Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers
  • Active Learners
  • Effective Users of Technology for Collaboration and Communication
  • Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Designers


Art Unit
The Art programme aims to stimulate the love and appreciation of art among our students. It provides our students with the opportunity to express their ideas and feelings through their artworks and allows them to explore a variety of media and techniques. In the process, students develop their critical thinking and achieve a sense of self-confidence and achievement. To motivate our students, their artworks are showcased in the school compound. Students are encouraged to participate in exhibitions and competitions to widen their exposure to art events.
  • Mrs. Chan Lay Yean (Coordinator)
  • Ms. Rischka Syafiqa Putri Jonawi
  • Ms. Tham Yoke Teng

Design & Technology Unit
The Design and Technology (D&T) programme aims to develop students to become innovative designer-makers and effective communicators. Students will be provided with authentic real-life problems to solve using design ideas based on the three technology areas covered (in Mechanism, Electronics and Structures). 

The D&T teachers leverage technology and hands-on tools to make learning fun and effective. Students will have the opportunity to use tools like Lego education set, electronic circuits and virtual 3D models in their creation processes. They will also have the chance to showcase their products and participate in various design competitions.
  • Mr Chia Miang Heong, Desmond (Subject Head / Design & Technology)
  • Mr. Edwin You Fu Hui
  • Mdm. Lisa Chuah
  • Ms. Wong Ruting
  • Mr. Luey Kwong Yuen (Technical Support Officer)
  • Mr. Hamid Bin Koderi (Technical Support Officer)

D&T Sasuke Car Race Competition (Lower Sec)

Electronic Mini Speaker Module (Upper Sec)

Youth Entrepreneur Skill (YES) Programme (Upper Sec)

Nutrition and Food Science Unit
The Food and Consumer Education programme comprises the Cooking module and the Consumer Education modules for the lower secondary classes. Food and Nutrition and Food Studies will be offered as an elective subject to upper secondary students.
Our key programmes allow all Hong Kah Lites to enjoy and acquire a set of essential life-long skills with practical-based experiential learning so that all students can become responsible and independent future problem solvers.
Mrs. Quek-Chang Way Lie (Senior Teacher)
Mdm. Crystal Cheng Soon Kuee
Mrs. Madolyn Panes Pada
Mdm. Siah Ai Poh (Home Econs Assistant)

Sec 1
Consumer and Food Science (FCE)

Sec 2
Consumer and Food Science (FCE)

Sec 3
Food and Nutrition or Food

Sec 4NT  Food Studies Sec 4NA/4Exp/5NA Food and Nutrition

Core Area of Study: 1. Food Studies

Core Area of Study: 2. Consumer Studies

F&N Coursework – problem solving and investigative approachF&N Coursework – problem solving and investigative approach
Diet & Health
  • Meal Planning
  • Diet Related Diseases 
Food Management
  • Methods of cooking 
  • Food and Kitchen Safety
  • Culinary Skills
  • Food and Culture
Resource Management
  • Money Management
  • Consumer Awareness 
  • Smart Shopping 

Theory – knowledge of theory and practice in response to the assessment objective

Theory – knowledge of theory and practice in response to the assessment objective

Recycling Project Making Compost and Garbage Enzyme

Elective Modules (Choose 1 Elective)
3a Nutrition and Food Science
3b Food Entrepreneurship
3c FCE and the Community
Cookery - creating and testing innovative recipes

  Enrichment Programme Investigating Food Experiments 
       Infused with Social Emotional Learning Competencies, CHERISH, Habits of Mind, Character Citizenship Education and RE3

Overseas Partnerships
2012Design and Innovation in Shanghai China 
2009Integrated Culture Programme to Philippines in March
2006-08 Completed 3 years Stars Twinning Food and Nutrition programme with Fatima College, Madurai, India

Music Unit
The Music programme aims to provide all students with a rich musical experience, where they will learn to play two instruments by the end of secondary two.  By equipping students with musical knowledge and skills, the music unit works towards developing students who will take a life-long appreciation of music and who may one day take a more serious interest in the subject.
Mr. Low Ying Ning (Head of Department / Aesthetics, Craft & Technology)
  • Ms. Lau Kai Ting
  • Ms. Clarissa Ng Pey Wen
  • Ms. Deirdre Toh