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Standing from left to right:

  • Mr. Ng Aik Song
  • Mr. Kenneth Tay Khai Sheng
  • Mr. Muhammad Bazlee Bin Bakhtiar
  • Ms. Chan Wenli
  • Mr. Kenneth Leong Kah Wai
  • Ms. Kathleen Tan Chai Lian
  • Mdm. Emilline Tan Chin Yih
  • Mr. Mohamad Fadzly Bin Samsuri
  • Ms. Siti Sunarti Binte Suphay
  • Ms. Tham Yoke Teng
  • Ms. Pasiah Binti Mohamed Diah

Seated from left to right:

  • Ms. Siti Maslinda Binte Mustafa
  • Mr. Maimunah Binte Ithnin
  • Mrs. Ng-Lee Mui Lee (Senior Teacher)
  • Mrs. Vivian Lock (Subject Head / Character & Citizenship Education)
  • Mrs. Yeo-Chng Woei Ling (Head Of Department / English Language & Literature)
  • Ms. Simon Lydia Shamani

The English Language & Literature Department aims to nurture world-ready youths who are lifelong readers, critical thinkers and confident speakers. We equip our students with thinking, communication, language and decision-making skills that will help them communicate clearly and precisely in speech and writing.


Our department has adopted the Assessment for Learning (AFL) approach to teaching and learning. We design and implement an AFL-infused curriculum to help our students acquire knowledge about language (grammar and vocabulary), and essential language skills which include receptive skills (listening, reading and viewing) and productive skills (speaking, writing and representing). In addition, we provide a broad range of rich learning experiences to develop our students’ appreciation of the language and interest in reading.


Our teachers constantly seek to improve on our teaching competencies and add value to our students’ learning by leveraging expertise from external partners. These partners include the Curriculum Planning and Development Division, English Language Institute of Singapore, the National Institute of Education and even schools from the United Kingdom.


We also actively collaborate with external partners such as the National Library Board and the British Council Singapore to provide varied and rich learning opportunities for our students.


Key department programmes include:

§  Whole-school Approach to Effective Communication

§  READ@School

§  EL & Literature Week

§  Poetry Slam



 OUR HOD EL & Literature shared our school’s journal writing programme in an e-bulletin (2015) by Curriculum Planning and Development Division, English Language (Sec):


WSA-EC Sharing with W7 Cluster Schools


On 23 July 2014, our school hosted 20 key personnel from W7 cluster schools. Ms Ow, our Lead Teacher, and Mrs Yeo, our HOD EL & Literature, shared with the visitors our school’s journey for the Whole-school Approach to Effective Communication (WSA-EC). 
The visitors were given an overview of our school’s WSA-EC focus and approach. Ms Ow and Mrs Yeo also presented our implementation processes, successes and challenges. To help the visitors understand our focus in Subject Literacy this year, they observed our teachers’ lessons in different disciplines such as Mathematics, Science, History and English Language. The visitors were impressed by how Mr Chua Yew Wei, Mr Senthil, and Mr Qin Yixuan integrated language skills into their respective subjects.