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  • Mr. Lim Peng Yuan Andy(Head Of Department / Humanities)

  • Mrs. Tan-Lim Woh Heng, Patricia (Subject Head / Geography)

  • Mr. Abdul Razak Bin Masiran (Head Of Department / Character & Citizenship Education (CCE))

  • Mr. Mohamad Fadzly Bin Samsuri (Subject Head / School Staff Developer)

  • Mr. Ng Boon Teck (Senior Teacher)

  • Mdm. Aditi Das Deshmukh

  • Mr. Che Kok Ho Lawrence

  • Mr. Muhammad Bazlee Bin Bakhtiar Afandi

  • Mr. Qin Yixuan

  • Mr. Shaifrizman Bin Maktar 

  • Mdm. Usha Rani Subramaniam

  • Mdm. Alamu Venkatachalam

  • Ms. Lim Pei Fang Daphne

  • Ms. Radiah Rasol

 The study of Humanities is an on-going process and a practice in life. It helps one understand the world better, and communicate intelligently and fairly with others in the world. The Humanities Department at Hong Kah Secondary School aims to equip its students with these and other life skills which will enable our students to be “World-Ready Youths”. 


The Humanities is a compulsory subject for all students. At Upper Secondary level, all students take compulsory Social Studies component and an elective Humanities subject, either History or Geography. This forms the compulsory subject for all Express and NA students – Combined Humanities.


Combined Humanities for Upper Secondary:

Option 1:

Social Studies elective + History elective

Option 2:

Social Studies elective + Geography elective


At the Lower Secondary level, all students are offered Geography and History on a modular basis.


For Lower Secondary:


Semester 1

Semester 2

Sec 1Ex, 1NA

·         Environment and Resources

·         Geographical Investigation on the tropical rainforest/water

·         Singapore: The making of a Nation-State (1300-1940)

·         Historical Investigation: What was Singapore like before 1819?

Sec 2Ex, 2NA:

·         Singapore: The making of a Nation-State (1940-1975)

·         Historical Investigation: Did the Japanese Occupation change the lives of people for the better or worse?

·         Urban Living

·         Geographical investigation on a public housing estate


For our Normal Technical (NT) course students, Social Studies is a compulsory, non-examinable subject from Sec 1-4. Although it is a non-examinable subject, students still undergo a performance assessment Part of the Social Studies NT curriculum involves a performance assessment task where students engage in collaborative learning strategies to demonstrate their learning and extend learning beyond the classroom.

For Sec 1-4 Normal Technical Students:

Sec 1NT

·         Living in a Multi-cultural Society

·         Responding to Migration 

Sec 2NT:

·         Resolving Conflict and Building Peace

·         Protecting our environment

Sec 3NT

·         Managing or Financial Resources

Sec 4NT

·         Caring for Society