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Mr. Ang Ghim Chee
(Head Of Department / Mathematics)
Mr. Sun Dao Jun
(Level Head/ Mathematics)
Mr. Tan Eng Wee
(Head Of Department / Student Management)
Mr. Kwok Ying Liang
(Head of Department / Professional Development)
Mr. Ling Peng Yap
 (Senior Teacher / Mathematics)
Mrs. Audrey Chan-Leong Mei Ern
(Subject Head / Year Head)
 Mr. Koh Hoe Yap  Mdm. Sri Masayu Bte Moktar
(CPA Coordinator) 
  Mr. Ngiow Teck Shyong DanielMr. Shahul Hameed S/O Sultan 
 Mr. Suen Che YinMr. Chew Kah Hou Billy 
 Ms. Melissa Tan Si Ying Ms. Lau Kai Ting 
 Ms. Venkatachalam AlamuMs. Siti Raba'ah Binte Saidi 
 Ms. Clarissa Ng Pey WenMdm. Loh Siew See 
 Mdm. Marina Abu HassanMr. Daniel Chiam Wende  

Vision and Mission


To nurture World-Ready problem solvers who are   resourceful, collaborative and reflective.


To enable students to acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills for self-directed and continuous learning in mathematics and related disciplines, and for applications to the real world.

Key Programmes (2016)

We strive to achieve value-added academic performance through an effective instructional and assessment framework and to provide an enriching learning experience through comprehensive and holistic programmes incorporating Project Work, ICT, Habits of Mind and enrichment programmes.

Curriculum Innovation

  • Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN)

ICAN project aims to level up every student in the learning of mathematics by equipping teachers of low progress learners with the knowledge, skills and resources to support these students. ICAN aims to address four main learning issues that are broadly classified as Learning Gaps, Language, Motivation and Memory.

  • AsceNT

The AsceNT Programme aims to help Normal Technical students improve their mastery of English and Mathematics. Mathematics teachers from the West 4 cluster schools meet on a regular basis to discuss ways to share best practices and improve the learning of students.

Enrichment Programmes

  • Competitions

Besides the key curriculum and fun enrichment programmes, the department also seek opportunities for our young talented math masters, being in Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical streams to stretch their reasoning & communicating, thinking and problem solving skills. The competitions ranging from national level, such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO), All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students and The Math Challenge to international level, such as Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). We constantly provide more opportunities for the young talents. Starting from 2016, they also participate in the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO). 

The competition results are promising. For instance, Hong Kah Lites have proudly won a total of 6 Bronze Awards in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad since 2011, which makes an average of at least one Bronze Award a year. Our normal course students have done us equally proud and have achieved Top 20 positions each and every year in the All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition since 2010. 

For a detailed list of achievements in the Mathematics competitions, please click 
here .

  • Math Trail 

Math trails are conducted to stimulate students’ interest in math where they are able see Math, touch it, and investigate it on their own. These math trails are conducted in various locations outside the school e.g. Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade and etc. 

In 2015, the Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic students went to the Sports Hub. They were going around the Sports Hub in groups. Each group has an iPad in which they have to answer questions related to Sports Hub and Mathematics. Since it is SG50, the students were also tasked to answer questions related to the history of the National Stadium. They also went around different locations of the Sports Hub trying to find the answer to their questions. They were also given a clinometer to find the height of a lamp post. 

Whereas the Secondary 3 Normal Technical students went to the bowling alley where they were asked to answer questions that includes Mathematical concepts like time, bar graphs, fractions and money. Through the game of bowling, students exemplified the qualities of teamwork and sportsmanship with each other and establish rapport between students and teachers. 

  • Math Fest 

Mathematics Festival is an exciting Secondary 2 level-wide event to expose students to key critical mathematics topics in a positive and festival-like atmosphere! It is held annually and is a signature programme of the Mathematics Department. 

Students will learn more about Maths in a fun and interactive way, which promote mathematics heuristic thinking. Some students will also be facilitators to build up facilitation and leadership skills.

  • Math Fun 

The department organises fun and educational activities for our Secondary 1 students to arouse their interest and passion in learning Mathematics. 

To raise students’ confidence and competency in applying algebra concepts and solving algebra relatd problems, A Magic Trick session is organised for our Express and Normal Academic students. The hands-on activities include variety of performance tasks. 

To engage Normal Technical students and enhance their learning, a game-based session is organised exclusively for them. It includes mathematical games, ranging from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability. The games allow students to grasp and practice sophisticated math concepts in an entertaining way.