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Mother Tongue

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  • Mdm. Ho Shoo Mei (Head Of Department / Mother Tongue Language)

  • Mdm. A Sri Devi Arumugam

  • Ms. Lien Hao-Chi

  • Ms. Norazila Binte Razali

  • Ms. Nur Ain Bte Borhan

  • Mr. Sha Bin

  • Ms. Shafizah Wydiana Binte Zailani

  • Ms. Siti Raihana Bte Ismail

  • Mdm. Veerappan Buvaneswari 

  • Mr. Wong Eik Kiat


All Hong Kah Lites can communicate effectively in their own Mother Tongue Languages as well as appreciate their own cultures.


  • To provide differentiated curriculum and learning opportunities for students so that their language skills can be optimized based on their own language abilities.

  • To enhance students’ language skills and enrich their learning experiences through various enrichment programmes and activities.

The Mother Tongue department aims to enhance the learning of Mother Tongue Languages and promote the appreciation of Mother Tongue culture through various programmes. Every year, the department organizes interesting activities and learning journeys to achieve these objectives. The programmes include Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme, Mother Tongue Cultural Camp, Author In Residence Programme, Conversational Chinese / Malay Programmes, reading programmes, overseas trips and various competitions.

Chinese Language


We offer Higher Chinese, Chinese Language and Chinese Language “B” Syllabus for pupils with different language abilities.

Highlights of some Programs & Activities

Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

Interesting activities like Paper Cutting, Mask Making, Chinese Calligraphy and learning journeys are incorporated into the programmes so that students have hands-on opportunities in learning their own cultures.

Reading Programme

A school wide reading program which includes subscription of Chinese newspaper “Lian He Zao Bao” and selected titles to inculcate pupils' reading habit.

Author-in-Residence Program

A local writer being engaged to inspire and promote creative writing amongst the pupils.

Learning Journey

Learning beyond textbooks, which include learning journeys to different cultural sites , to enhance pupils' learning. 

Overseas Exchange Program

Overseas trips to countries, like China and Taiwan,  are organized so as to promote better understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

Festival Celebration


Festival celebrations, such as Lunar New Year celebrations and Lantern Festival celebrations, are organized yearly.

Malay Language

To add value to the learning of Malay Language, the ML Unit offers an opportunity to stretch students’ learning capacity in becoming cultured and learned persons who can contribute to the society (the concept of Arif Budiman).

  • For Express stream, we offer Higher Malay Language from Sec 1 onwards while Malay Language Literature (subject to availability) as a Combined Humanities Elective is offered at Sec 3.

  • In addition, at Sec 2, selected Normal Academic (NA) stream students are offered Express stream syllabus.

  • We also offer Malay Language ‘B’ Syllabus for students with different language abilities.

Apart from curriculum understanding, the ML Unit also offers summative evaluation where the students will undergo a different level of Project Work throughout their stay. To sustain interests in learning of Mother Tongue Languages, the ML Unit creates a supportive environment for language learning. For example, students will undergo different enrichment programmes during the Mother Tongue Fortnight and Cultural Camp activities held every year. The ML Unit also collaborates with other cluster schools to enhance students’ learning and interaction. 

Tamil Language

The TL unit seeks to build confidence in Tamil students studying Tamil language, enabling them to be rooted in Indian culture and exhibit traditional Indian values.

Key programmes:

1.                   Learning Journey 

2.                   Mother Tongue Fortnight Programmes

3.                   Sec 2 Level camp

4.                   Participation in National level Competitions

Activities for MT Fortnight

Face Mask painting

Secondary 1 Students will be designing and painting face masks based on a theme.


Secondary 2 Students will recycle materials such as newspaper and plastic cups to make karagam.


Secondary 3 students will enact a skit based on the themes given to them.

Students will attend the MT Fortnight programme for Sec 1 to Sec 3 level. The programmes enable students to be enlightened with a wide range of knowledge about the cultural aspects of Indian heritage.

MT Cultural camp

Day 1:A visit to the Indian heritage centre

The students also learnt a lot of new and interesting information.

Day 2:Cooking Lessons (With parents)

Students learnt the most important value of hospitality.

To enhance the student’s thinking ability and writing skills, the TL unit send students to participate in National level Competitions. The students were rewarded with an award for their hard work and dedication.

On the whole, the TL unit seeks to develop students to be well-cultured, affable and academically competitive.