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  • Mr. Terence Ong Sock Koon (Head of Department / Science)

  • Ms. Chua Shi Qian (Head of Department / Special Projects)

  • Mr. Wee Jin Yi (Head of Department / Year Head)

  • Mr. Kwok Ying Liang (Head of Department / Professional Development)

  • Mr Aaron Tang Wei Lun (Subject Head / Chemistry)

  • Mrs. Wong-Ang Yan Pure (Subject Head / Normal Technical)

  • Mrs. Er-Chew Siao Fun

  • Mrs. Lim-Lee Pit Chin

  • Mdm. Loh Siew See

  • Mr. Ng Aik Song

  • Ms. Siti Raba'ah Bte Saidi

  • Mr. Tan Chong Chay

  • Ms. Melissa Tan Si Ying 

  • Ms. Alvina Wong Hui Yi

  • Ms. Shafiqah Bte Mezan

  • Mr. Yeap Ping Lin

  • Ms. Evelyn Lim Siew Hsien


A Community of Inquisitive, Explorative and Collaborative Teachers and Learners 


To Achieve Value-added Academic Results Through Deep Understanding of Scientific Concepts and Raise Science Teachers' Competencies Through Professional Collaboration and Sharing

Key Programmes

Advanced Elective Modules
Electronic Product Design
The module aims to enrich the Science curriculum for students with more emphasis on applied learning. Students explore and learn about basic electronic circuits and their applications

Science Fest
Science Fest aims to engage students better in their learning of Science and develop essential skills (such as creative thinking) in tudents. The range of activities includes:

Upcycling Challenge
(Sec 1)
Electric Carnival Workshop

Career Talk on "Chemical Industry in Singapore"
Egg-Cellent Egg Drop Challenge (Sec 2)Electronics Fundamentals WorkshopApps making & Drone flying Workshop
"Science is Everywhere" Photo Competition 

Learning Journey to River Safari

"Scientist for a Day" Photo Booth & "Magic of Science" Booth 
The Amazing Science Race

Learning Journey to ABC Water Trail Science Quiz 

Enrichment Programmes
Students attended hands-on sessions on Fundamentals of Electricity, and Learning Journeys to River Safari and ABC Water Trail. These programmes aim to provide authentic learning experience for the students.

Project Work Showcase
Sec 2 students completed an interdisciplinary project (involving Science, D&T, English) on exploring the use of electronic circuits to improve the quality of life. They attended learning journeys, experienced the design thinking process, etc during the project. The project culminates into the Project Work Showcase (Theme : E-Novate for a Better Life), where the students shared their learning and electronic prototypes with their school mates and teachers.