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Guzheng Ensemble

The HKSS GuZheng Ensemble was formed in 2012. Our mission is to promote music appreciation through the playing of the Chinese musical instrument, GuZheng. We train our members in the skills of playing Guzheng, make them master a musical instrument and to impart the techniques of playing GuZheng to music enthusiasts.

The CCA has catered to the needs of musically inclined students and helped to develop talents in the students with a passion for music. Currently, the CCA has a membership of 19 students, learning under the charge of professional instructor, Ms Sim Wei Ling Avilyn.

HKSS GuZheng Ensemble practices diligently on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The training programme emphasizes instrument mastery and the importance of acquiring a strong theoretical foundation in music. Students learn the technical skills of playing the GuZheng and cultivate the values of discipline, learning and care in their weekly practices.

Our performers have always aimed for excellence and performed well. The Ensemble attained the Certificate of Accomplishment awards at the SYF Competition in 2013 and 2015.

The ensemble has also performed enthusiastically at major school functions and functions organized by partners of the school. Through the different performance platforms, our performers build confidence, foster teamwork and perseverance in their pursuit of CCA excellence.

The HKSS looks forward to welcoming more new members in their CCA and in will continue to strive to bring glory and honour to the school.


  • Mrs. Ng Mui Lee (i/c)
  • Ms. Lien Hao-Chi
  • Ms Loh Siew See


Chairman:  Sheryl Lim (3E2)

CCA Sessions

Tuesday, 3:00pm – 5.00pm (beginners)
Thursday, 3:00pm - 6:00pm 

Key Programmes

  • SYF Arts Presentation
  • SYF Festival
  • School Performances
  • Public Performances 


Certificate of Accomplishment in SYF 2013 and 2015