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Percussion Ensemble – Drumatix Batucada

Drumatix Batucada started out as an enrichment programme and became a CCA in 2009. They are led by an established instructor, Idham Budiman, from Wicked Aura, a local batucada group.

Batucada is a substyle of samba and refers to an African influenced Brazilian percussive style, usually performed by an ensemble

Batucada is characterized by its repetitive style and fast pace.
The aim of our CCA is to instil in members the ability to be
  • passionate and skillful in percussion playing,
  • willing to work and practise hard especially before performances (twice a week, 2 hours per practice),
  • able to work well in a group (every member’s involvement and contribution is crucial for every song performance),
  • confident in performing in front of an audience,
  • disciplined and persistent in CCA as well as academic studies.
Types of instruments played by our members: Caixa, Repinique and Surdo drums, Agogo bells, Chocalho, Tamborim, Timbal
Come join us and enjoy the beats and rhythm!


  • Mdm Usha
  • Mr Radzif

Organisation Chart


CCA Sessions

Every Thursday, 3:30pm - 6:00pm

Key Programmes

Showcase of public Performances such as·        
SYF Street Arts         
Drumzout competition·
 Community performances (Jurong Point, HDB community week, World Water Day) 

School performances such as·        
Speech day
Teachers’ Day
Cross country 

Main supporter for school’s national soccer matches

Main Events In 2015

 Singapore World Water Day 2015 on 21 Mar  2015.

Drumatix batucada was invited to perform for the World water day as part of the stage performance to kickstart the celebration at the Sports hub.

The members performed with high energy and passion and at the same time were able to view the booths during the festival related to the water theme.

 Link to performance video:

 SG50 Youth Celebrate 2015 on 26 July 2015

Drumatix batucada together with the International dance club performed in the Official opening of the Sports Hub.

Together with students from other schools, we had the opportunity to participate in the mass display performance called Electrolite.


2015 – SG50 for Opening of Sport Hub

2014 – Showcase at SYF Street ARTs @ Gardens by the Bay, Chingay

2013 – Showcase at SYF Street ARTs @ Esplanade

2011 – 2nd place in Drumzout competition @ NTU2013 – Participation in SYF Street ARTs @ Esplanade

2011 – 2nd place in Drumzout competition @ NTU