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Character & Citizenship Education

  • Mdm Jasmine Chua (Youth Guidance Officer)
  • Mr Lawrence Che (National Education)
  • Ms Hannah Chia (Subject Head SS/History & National Education Coordinator)
  • Mr. Abdul Razak Bin Masiran (Head of Department, Character & Citizenship Education)
  • Mrs Aditi Das Deshmukh (Student Leadership, Class Committee)
  • Mdm Usha Rani (Sexuality Education Coordinator)
  • Mrs Er Siao Fun (Education and Career Guidance Coordinator)
  • Mrs Lee Mui Lee (Senior Teacher, VIA Coordinator)
  • Mrs Shafizah Wydiana (Student Leadership, Student Council)
  • Mdm A Sri Devi Arumugam (HOM programme)
  • Ms Norazila Bte Razali ((Education and Career Guidance Coordinator)
  • Mr Senthil s/o Silvarajoo (HOM & GROW programme)
  • Mr Jeffrey Teng (Counsellor)
  • Mr Qin Yixuan (Student Leadership, Student Council)
  • Mr Kenneth Leong (Student Leadership, Sports Leaders)
  • Mr Shahul Hameed s/o Sultan (Mendaki/AMP programmes)
  • Ms Tham Yoke Teng (Student Leadership, Student Council)
  • Ms Lim Lee Lian (Student Leadership, Head of Student Council)
  • Mrs Tan Sici Susie (School Welfare Officer)
  • Mrs Vivian Lock (Subject Head, Character & Citizenship Education)
  • Mrs Veerappan Buvaneswari (SINDA programmes)
  • Mr Ng Boon Teck (Counselling & Special Needs Coordinator)


The CCE department aims to support the school’s mission by delivering an effective and relevant character development programmes that develops world-ready youths who are anchored in the personal values of Discipline, Learning and Care as well as social-emotional competencies necessary for the 21st century.


The schools’ Character Development Programmes is deployed through a 2-pronged approach; through explicit teaching within the curriculum and infusion of values, SEL competencies and leadership opportunities into the various school-wide programmes.

Explicit Teaching:

CCE ModulesSec 1Sec 2Sec 3Sec 4/5
R3ICH values (CME/NE)SelfFamily & FriendsSchoolCommunity
SEL competencies (PC)Self-awareness
Social Awareness
Relationship Management
Responsible Decision MakingSocial awareness Responsible decision-making
Education & Career Guidance Self-ExplorationSelf-PlanningSelf-Planning Self-Actualization 
Sexuality Education  Building healthy relationships Decision-makingChoices  Facing consequences

CCE ModulesSec 1Sec 2Sec 3Sec 4/5
School values focusDisciplineLearningCare
Key Learning ProgrammesSec 1 OrientationLearning ProjectAdventure CampEducational & Career Guidance
Habits of Mind Managing Impulsivity Presisiting Creating, Imagining & Innovating, Precision in language & thought, Questioning & problem solving Listening with understanding & empathy,Thinking interdependentlyTaking responsible risks, Metacognition
 Community InvolvementAwareness of environmental issues & conservation effortsAwareness of community needs & importance of community involvement

MOE Edusave Character Award (ECHA) 2018

The MOE Edusave Character Award aims to recognise students for demonstrating exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions. This is in line with MOE’s aim is to provide a holistic education to all our students, centred on the inculcation of values and character. ECHA awardees will receive a certificate and a monetary voucher of $500.
  • To send a clear and strong signal of the importance that MOE places on character and values, on par with achievements in the academic domain.
  • To recognise outstanding students who are exemplary in character, and who can be role models to inspire others. 

Eligibility Criteria
1. The nominee is a Singapore citizen (mandatory)
2.The nominee must satisfy criteria (1) or/and (2):
(i) Consistently shown a high level of civic responsibility. It could include the following but not limited to:
      • Winner of public spirited award by Police/SCDF/PA/MCYS/CCC/RCs OR
      • Active participation in community programmes and projects OR
      • Recipient of letters of commendation from public.
(ii) Shown perseverance despite facing difficult circumstances (e.g. financial problems, family issues, health issues, etc.) and managed to overcome the odds and still do commendably well in academic and non-academic domains.
      • The nomination must state clear evidence of how the nominee has demonstrated the school values and that she is a role model for others. 

Nomination and Selection Process
      • Nominations for ECHA 2018 are open for key stakeholders of the school such as staff, students, parents, alumni members, partners and members of public. 
      • There will be a rigorous process of nomination, shortlisting and endorsement to identify pupils for the award. Different groups of stakeholders will be involved at each stage to provide a diversity of perspectives and to ensure fairness. 
      • Nomination forms can be downloaded HERE
      • Completed nomination forms can be printed and submitted to the General Office.
      • Please submit all completed nomination forms by 7 August 2018. Any forms received after the nomination deadline will not be accepted.

For enquiries on the Edusave Character Award, please email Mr Abdul Razak Bin Masiran, Head of Department for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) at