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Normal Technical

Subject Head - Normal Technical
Mrs. Wong Yan Pure


To create an engaging and enriching secondary school journey where NT students are equipped with skills and are world-ready to take on their future.


Engage, Enrich and Empower

Form Teachers 2015

1T1AMr. Muhammad Bazlee Bin Bakhtiar Afandi, Mr. Muhammad Radzif Bin Anif
1T1BMr. Leong Kah Wai Kenneth, Ms. Rischka Syafiqa Putri Jonawi, Ms. Cynndi Lee Yi Zhen
 2T1AMr. Ling Peng Yap, Ms Venkatachalam Alamu 
2T1BMr. Mohammad Hafidz Bin Azmin, Mrs Ng-Lee Mui Lee
3T1AMdm. Sri Masayu Bte Moktar, Ms. Siti Sunarti Bte Suphay
3T1BMr. Ng Han Liat, Mdm Loh Siew Lee
4T1Mr. Nuriskandar Bin Mohd Kassim, Ms. Nursheela Bte Rustamaji
Mdm. Nur Ain Bte Borhan, Mr. Senthil S/O Silvarajoo, Mrs. Veerappan Buvaneswari

2015 Ngage Programmes

The NT programmes aims to engage the NT students in school such that they find schooling an enjoyable journey. It provides the students with the skills and know-how to deal with situations and solve problems. To better empower them, platforms are provided for them to showcase their talents and also their learning. By the end of the 4-years education in Hong Kah Secondary School, NT students will mature to become responsible citizens of Singapore. 

  • GROW Programme
  • Understanding about alternative farming methods and hands-on approach on growing vegetables. 
  •  Learning Journey to hydroponics farms 
  •  Letter to the future Self 
  •  ITE Fiesta
  • GIVE Programme 
  • CAT A (ITE) Elective Module on 3D printing
  • ITE Experience Programme 
  •  ITE Fiesta
3NTGO Programme
  • Understanding about varies job requirements and exposing students to various job opportunities available in the market. 
  • CAT A (ITE) Elective Module on Electronincs
  • CAT B Elective Module on Electronics ITE Experience Programme 
  • ITE Fiesta 
  • Learning journey to Republic Polytechnic learning on E-Business
  • CAT B Elective Modules:
    1. Event Management
    2. Outdoor Adventure and Team Building
    3. Hospitality and Culinary
    4. Photography and Graphic Design
  • ITE Fiesta
  • GLOW Programme
  • Tapping on students’ strengths and interests to pursue further education. Enabling students to know more about the various modules available in ITE and the possibility of promoting to polytechnics. 
  • CAT B Elective Module on Electronics 
  • ITE Experience Programme
  • CAT B Elective Modules
    1. Food and Beverage
    2. Nursing 
    3. Hospitality and Tourism