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Physical Education

PE Teacher (Email)PE ClassCCA
Mr Kamarudzaman Bin Zainal Abidin
Head of Department
Physical Education & Co-curricular Activities

  • 1E2
  • 1N1
  • 1N2
  • 1T1A
  • 2T1A

Mr. Abdul Razak Bin Masiran
Head of Department
Character & Citizenship Education

  • 2E2
  • 3T1B
  • 4E3
  • 4N1
  • 4N3
  • 4T1

Mr. Irantaffy Said Bin Rohani
Head of Department

  • 3N1
  • 4E1
  • 4E2
  • 4N2 
InfoComm Club Advisor

Mr. Ng Han Liat
Senior Teacher
Physical Education

  • 2E1
  • 3E2A
  • 3N2
  • 3T1A
  • 5N1 

Mr. Mohammad Hafidz Bin Azmin

  • 2T1B
  • 3E1
  • 3E2B
  • 3N1
  • 3N2
  • 3N3 

Mr. Kenneth Leong Kah Wai 

  • 1E1
  • 1T1B
  • 2N1
  • 2N2
  • 3N3 

Mr Chen Guan Zhong

  • 1T1A
  • 2N1 
Modular Sports



Physically Educated Youths and Lifetime Health Advocates


To nurture physically competent and enthusiastic youths who understands the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Department Values

Resilience & Respect (Discipline & Learning), Sportsmanship & Teamwork (Care)

Goals of Physical Education(from MOE 2014)

Goal 1: 
Acquire a range of movement skills to participate in a variety of physical activities.

Goal 2: 
Understand and apply movement concepts, principles and strategies in a range of physical activities.

Goal 3:
Demonstrate safe practices during physical and daily activities with respect to themselves, others and the environment.

Goal 4: 
Display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences.

Goal 5: 
Acquire and maintain health-enhancing fitness through regular participation in physical activities.

Goal 6: 
Enjoy and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life.


The PE department supports the school’s strategic thrusts by engaging students in the development of knowledge, values, skills and competencies through its various programmes. Highlights of the PE programme includes:

National School Games 2014
The National School Games (NSG) Opening Ceremony was held on Thursday, 6 February 2014 at the ITE College (Central). The NSG is the pinnacle for most student athletes, where it is a time for them to pit their skills and wits against one another after months of arduous preparation. The NSG Opening Ceremony marked the start of the exciting school sporting calendar. It is also a time to celebrate our students’ successes and encouraging those who fell short of their targets.

In Hong Kah Secondary School, we paid tribute to our student athletes and teachers in charge by holding our own ceremony for our sports CCAs. The ceremony was conducted on 19 February 2014 in the school hall. Our Principal, Mdm Sung Mee Har, delivered her opening address, where she provided sound advice and optimism to all student athletes before reading the message from Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat. Subsequently, the head of sports leaders, Nurishmahshah Bte Soevarshah (4E2) led the team captains and members from the various sports CCA in reciting the Athletes’ Oath. The sports CCA teachers-in-charge also recited the Coaches’ Oath, led by Mr Kenneth Leong.

The ceremony sought to highlight to the students that
  • Athletes should train well and compete safely 
  • Winning is not everything; it is the process that matters more as it helps them acquire discipline, teamwork, perseverance and resilience 
  • Everyone involved must uphold the school’s values at all times

Cross Country Meet 2015
Through the schoolwide sports events organised, we aim to develop ruggedness of character and mind, teamwork and sportsmanship in our students.  One of such events is the Cross Country Meet which also aims to build a sporting school culture in the school. On 13th February 2015, students were encouraged to run a distance of 2 km along routes marked out in the Jurong Central Park. 

This was the first time that the Cross Country Meet was carried out at the venue.  As part of progressive training, in the months of January and February, aerobic endurance training was infused into the PE Curriculum to ensure that all students would be physically ready to go through their designated routes during the event.

House Position
Alpha 1st
Omega 2nd
Gamma  3rd
Delta   4th
 Beta 5th 

Sec 3 Adventure Camp 2015
The Sec 3 Overseas Camp is part of the school’s Character Development Programme to ensure that our pupils experience a broad-based education that prepares them for life.

The camp aims to:
  • Enable pupils to learn beyond classroom through adventure-based activities and experience
  • Use the ruggedness of the nature to serve as a platform to encourage students to accept challenges and stretching beyond their perceived limits
  • Build character through the process of facilitating their thoughts
  • Enable students to solve problems in real-life situation, by using limited resources and being creative.
In 2015, the Adventure Camp was conducted at the Sembawang Adventure Centre from 12 – 14 Jan 2015.

House Olympics
Hong Kah adopts the HOUSE system to provide an additional avenue for pupils and teachers alike to participate in activities, form friendships and develop leadership skills. The 2nd HKSS House Olympics was held on 29 May 2013. During the House Olympics ALL pupils has the opportunity to participate and compete  in one event for their respective houses.

The objectives of the House Olympics are:
  • To develop ruggedness of character and mind, teamwork and sportsmanship in our students
  • To develop a sense of strong bonding and identification across all streams & levels.
  • To Infuse the spirit of Olympism and Olympic Values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence to all HongKah Lites
  • To develop and foster group commitment, loyalty and espirit de corps.
The names, colour of the houses and housemasters/mistress are:
House Colour Housemaster / Housemistress
Alpha Blue Mr. Edwin You Mrs. Aditi
Beta Yellow Ms Tham Yoke Teng Mdm. Vasanthi
 Delta  Green Mdm. Lisa Chuah Ms. Faith Cheung 
 Gamma Red Ms Nur Hafizah  Mdm. Veerapan 
 Omega Purple Ms Yeo Wanyi Ms Tan Mei Yin

Overall House Olympics Champions
2014    Omega
2013    Omega
2012    Alpha

Sports Education Programme (SEP)

The HKSS Sports Education Programme (SEP) is a collaboration between the school and the Singapore Sports Council and is supported by the Ministry of Education. The programme seeks to increase sports exposure for all Hong Kah Lites so as to provide opportunities for character-building, improving self-esteem and the nurturing of life skills.

During the SEP programme, Hong Kah Lites are exposed to sports and physical activities which are not covered within the school’s PE Curriculum.

1E1, 1E2, 1N1,1N2, 1T1Hip-Hop Dance
Indoor Sports Hall28 May 2014
3N1, 3N2, 3N3, 3T1, 3T2ArcherySchool Hall28 May 2014
3E1, 3E2, 3E3 Hip-Hop DanceIndoor Sports Hall 28 May 2014
4N1, 4N2, 4T1, 4T2Self Defence School Hall 29 May 2014
2E1, 2E2, 2N1, 2N2, 2T1Inline Skating Quadrangle 23 Oct 2014
2N1, 2N2, 2T1GymnasticsIndoor Sports Hall  23 Oct 2014

Inter-Class Games

The department organizes the Inter Class Sports Carnival during the mid-year and end-of-year Post Exams activities. The Inter Class Sports Carnival seeks to promote greater participation in sports among all pupils. Every pupil from Secondary 1 to 3 will be required to participate and represent their respective classes in a sport during the carnival.

Secondary 1Football (Boys)
1st - 1N2
2nd - 1T1B
3rd - 1N1A

Football (Girls)
1st - 1E2
2nd - 1T1
3rd - 1N1

1st - 1N2
2nd - 1E1
3rd - 1E2

Captain’s Ball (Girls)
1st - 1N1
2nd - 1E1
3rd - 1N2
End-of-Year Post Exams Activities
(20 Oct 2014)
Secondary 2Football (Boys)
1st - 2N1
2nd - 2N3
3rd - 2T1

Football (Girls)
1st - 2N1
2nd - 2N3
3rd - 2E1

Handball (Boys)
1st - 2N2
2nd - 2N3
3rd - 2T1

Handball (Girls)
1st - 2E1
2nd - 2E2
3rd - 2N3
End-of-Year Post Exams Activities
(21 Oct 2014)
Secondary 3Football (Boys & Girls)
Basketball (Boys)
Captain’s Ball(Girls) 
Mid-Year Post Exams Activities (28 May 2014 )

Football For All

The Football for All programme leverages on our Football Niche status and focuses on developing skills, nurturing interest and appreciation through the curriculum and co-curriculum. One of the main components of the programme is a 10-week football module conducted during the PE lessons for the Sec 1s and 3s. Inter-class competitions are held at the end of the football modules. At the upper secondary level, pupils who are interested to learn more are given the opportunity to join the school team in training and participate in friendlies. Learning journeys to football matches (National Schools and S League matches) are also conducted to expose and educate pupils through authentic competitive experience. 

The Football For All programme adopts the following approaches:
  • Introduction and exposure to basic football
  • Focus on fun and enjoyment of the game
  • Development of Sportsmanship and Fair Play
  • Participation in Intra school competition. (Inter Class and House Olympics)
  • Game Appreciation through Football Learning Journeys.
  • Spectatorship Etiquette education through Football Learning Journeys.

Health & Fitness Programme

In support of the National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign, the school has implemented the Health & Fitness Programme. The aim of the programme is to improve physical fitness among our school-going children and reduce the percentage of overweight students. The school’s programme emphasizes a balance of suitable physical activity with counseling in proper nutrition and diet to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

Some of the strategies are: 
  • Rigorous and physically active PE lessons
  • Weekly Sports Play sessions for the overweight pupils
  • Adoption of the Sports Education Model to encourage pupils to be a more knowledgeable sports person
  • Close monitoring (monthly weight and height measurement) of overweight students
  • Individualised nutrition counseling
  • Termly Outdoor Activities/Excursions
  • Participation in the West Zone FIT Olympics

MOE EXCEL Fest 2012

The PE Department’s Action Research project entitled ‘Character Development through Football Excellence’ was selected among 200 applications and was presented in the prestigious MOE Excel Fest in 2012. The PE Department seeks to enhance, improve and infuse this character development initiative into its Football for All@HKSS programme.
Sypnosis of PE Department’s Action Research project
Character Development through Football Excellence - ‘Winners Play Fair’
In view of the recent controversies in School Sports, the need for character education to empower student athletes to develop good sportsmanship and ethical decision-making becomes apparent.

Hong Kah Secondary School’s PE department embarked on an Action Research project using a structured character-building programme to develop positive behavioural change in its school athletes. An experimental study was conducted on the school’s football team to assess the effectiveness of the structured character-building programme.
The key findings for the research include changes in the experimental group’s attitude towards the game, the effects of positive role modelling by teachers and coaches on their behaviour and their willingness to exhibit respectful behaviour towards opponents. Further research is being conducted to determine the effects of such a structured character-building programme on the footballers’ off-the-field behaviour.


The percentage of students passing the NAPFA test is used as an indicator of the fitness level of our student population.  The objectives of NAPFA are to:
  • Promote the attainment of desirable levels of overall fitness among pupils
  • Motivate pupils to improve their level of fitness
  • Identify the low-fit pupils
  • Obtain more reliable information on the physical fitness of pupils
NAPFA involves a series of five stations and a 2.4-km Walk-Run (1.5-mile Walk-Run) for secondary school students or a 1.6-km Walk-Run for primary school students. All of the station tests are attempted on the same day, with a 2–5 minute rest period permitted between stations. Under certain circumstances, the Walk-Run item may be attempted on a different day, although sometimes a 2-week window limit is set.
The test items are:
1. Sit-ups: Maximum in one minute
2. Standing Broad Jump: Better of two distances
3. Sit and Reach: Better of two attempts with floating zero point
  • Pull-ups (for males 15 years and above only): Maximum in half-a-minute or
  • Inclined Pull-ups (for all females, and males up to the age of 14): Maximum in half-a-minute
4. Shuttle Run: Faster of two 4×10 metre attempts
5. 2.4-km/1.6-km Walk-Run: Minimum time on firm and level surface
Award Requirements
Pupils must pass all six test items to obtain an award. The following requirements must be met.

AwardMinimum Grade Attained for each Test ItemMinimum Points
Bronze E5