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Character Building through Football Excellence

Living Up to Our Motto, “Winners Play Fair”
Our Mission is ‘to nurture talented youths with strength of character’. We are committed in developing a holistic sports person. Our programme not only focuses on developing skills but also on character building through the school’s values of discipline, learning and care. We take pride in winning all these titles while maintaining a clean disciplinary record on the field, consistent with our school values and character development emphasis. Throughout the season, our players displayed resilience, teamwork, discipline and determination. Our football players lived up to our motto of “Winners Play Fair”, reiterating that our success depended on the strength of our purpose. Working tirelessly in the background to bring about the outstanding victories are our passionate and dedicated football teachers and coaches who have infused in the football players the spirit of discipline, resilience and teamwork in the pursuit of sports excellence on the field.

All football members (boys and girls) are also exposed to Community Involvement activities every year by participating in community events. Since 2011, the school partnered with the Singapore Disability Sports Council as well as Grace Orchard School to provide opportunities for our footballers to display care, humility and leadership through sports.