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Students Academic Achievements

We celebrate the outstanding achievements of our ex-Hong Kah lite, Jocelyn Ong Pei Ning, who had excelled in her tertiary education in Singapore Polytechnic.
Jocelyn, from Secondary 4A (class of 2011) was awarded a Diploma in Materials Science with a Silver Medal for her course of study in Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences.

Our Head of Department for English Language and Literature, Mrs Yeo Woei Ling, attended Jocelyn’s graduation ceremony to congratulate her on behalf of the school. Mrs Yeo, who was Jocelyn’s English teacher, remembers Jocelyn as a motivated young lady who had clear goals in her life and strove to realise her ambitions. A disciplined and meticulous student, she took great pride in producing good quality work on time, a testimony to her industry.
Jocelyn credits Hong Kah’s STARS vision, especially the vision statement ‘thinking and caring’ and her teachers for her motivation and success in life.
‘My alma mater’s vision of developing ‘thinking and caring’ individuals has taught me to always think before I act and to care for the people around me. I am also grateful to have Hong Kah teachers who have made an impact on my life. One of the teachers is Mrs Yeo as she shared many life lessons which could not be found in textbooks and this made her English lessons much more enjoyable and interesting. She is someone whom I will always look up to as she is a dynamic, caring and inspiring teacher.’
Jocelyn would be studying Biological Science in the School of Biological Science at the Nanyang Technological University. She aspires to contribute back to society and thus hopes to create something new such as a vaccine against a virus or a new medicine to cure a certain illness after her studies.
Jocelyn hopes that her success would inspire her juniors and has this piece of advice for them: ‘As long as you set your heart and mind on what you want to achieve, along with determination and effort, you will definitely see the fruit of your labour and hard work.’

Ex-Hong Kah Lite awarded Outstanding Graduate in Republic Polytechnic

There is more good news about the achievements of our ex-students from Republic Polytechnic.

Muhammad Taufiq B Suhaimi 
Diploma with Merit, Module Prize for Outdoor and Adventure Learning

Khong Chee Chai
Diploma with Merit for Materials Science

Khong Chee Chai.jpg
Sherman  Chua
Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Sherman  Chua.jpg

Ngee Ann Polytechnic's 2013 Graduating Class Award Winners From Hong Kah Secondary School

We celebrate the outstanding achievements of our ex-Hong Kah lites who continue the fine tradition of excelling in their tertiary education. They exemplify our school values of Discipline, Learning and Care.  They are motivated individuals  who have clear goals in their lives and strive to realise their ambitions.
  • Ng Ai Jing of Secondary 4A (2009) achieved a Diploma with Merit in Electronics and Computer Engineering. She also received the InnoMedia Silver Medal & Prize and Phoenix Contact Prize.

  • Lek Yi Yue of Secondary 4A (2009) achieved a Diploma with Merit in Logistics Management. For her outstanding achievements, she was awarded the LF Logistics Services Silver Medal & Prize.
  • Kristabel Khoo of Secondary 4A (2009) achieved a Diploma with Merit in Electronics and Computer Engineering. She also received the EEE Reliability/CPMT/ED Chapter (Singapore) Prize and STMicroelectronics Prize.

  • Lek Yi Wen of Secondary 4A (2009) achieved a Diploma with Merit in Electronics and Computer Engineering.
  • Richard Tey graduated with a Diploma in Tourism & Resort Management. He also achieved the NATAS Prize and Suntec Singapore Prize for excelling in his course modules.

Ex-Hong Kah Lites receive awards for Outstanding Academic Performance at Singapore Polytechnic

We’re pleased to receive the latest piece of good news from Singapore Polytechnic. 

Tan Yu Xuan (S4A 2008) won the Changi Golf Club Gold Medal & achieved Diploma With Merit in Resort Facilities Services and Management.

Tan Yu Xuan.jpg
Gavin Wong Wei Lun (S4A 2008) achieved Diploma With Merit in Chemical Engineering

Gavin Wong-1.jpg

Congratulations to Tan Yu Xuan, Gavin Wong Wei Lun & all the teachers who have helped to nurture them!

Ex-HongKah Lite receives Top ITE College Central Graduate Award and Course Medalist of Nitec in ITE

9 February 2012 - Our heartiest congratulations to Mr Kenneth Cheng Zemin, on receiving the Top ITE College Central Graduate Award and Course Medalist of Nitec in Aerospace Avionics course in ITE. 

Ex-Hong Kah Lite, a Silver Medalist in Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Suresh so Rajasekaram edited-1.jpgAnother ex-Hong Kah Lite, Suresh S/O Rajasekaram class of 4N2 year 2004, has made our school proud by becoming one of the top graduates of Ngee Ann Polytechnic year 2011 with the following awards:
  • Diploma in Nursing (Merit)
  • Singapore Nurses Association Silver Medal
  • National University Hospital Prize

Ngee Ann Polytechnic's 2011 Graduating Class Award Winners From Hong Kah Secondary School

Congraturation to our ex-Hong Kah Lites for achieving outstanding awards.

The Diploma with Merit is awarded to the top 10% of the graduates in each course.


Diploma Plus
Bay Si Yao
Diploma in Engineering Informatics
IDA Gold Medal & Prize
Diploma with Merit
Leica Instruments Prize
Sierra Wireless Prize
Certificate in Economics & Financial Applications
Bay Si Yao edited.jpg
Diploma Plus

Chiang Ling Yi
Diploma in Financial Informatics
Diploma with Merit
Certificate in Advanced Computing Mathematics

CHIANG LING YI edited.jpg
Diploma Plus

Ong Zheng Tian
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Diploma with Merit
Certificate in Economics & Financial Applications

Ong Zheng Tian edited.jpg
Diploma Plus

Nadiah Bte Mohamed Khairi
Diploma in Logistics Management
YCH Group Prize
Certificate in Decision Management for Quality


Serene Tan Xiao Lin
Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology
Dupont Qualicon Singapore Prize


Ex-Hong Kah Lite awarded outstanding ITE Graduates for higher NITEC

We’re pleased to receive the latest piece of good news from ITE. 
  • Nurul’ain bte Rawi (S4D 2006, FT: Jo-Ann and Shih Chin) won the course medal for Higher NITEC in Business Studies (Service Management).

  • Wang Weiwen (4N1 2006, FT: Jamie, Yeo YB) won the course medal for Higher NITEC in Leisure and Travel Operations.

Congratulations to Nurul'ain bte Rawi, Wang Weiwen & all the teachers who have helped to nurture them !

Results of the 2010 GCE N Level Examination

Top Students (NA)
Leong Bei Yi
Chong Cai Xian
Nur Suziyani Bte Suhamin
Top Student (NT)
- Muhammad Nazmi B M Nasir


Chua Xinhan Sherman (4B) has been successful in his application to Republic Polytechnic (RP) via the DPA  2009 exercise to study Hotel and Hospitality Management.

Loo Jia Yi (5N1) has been sucessful in his application to Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NAP) Via the DPA 2009 exercise to study Accountancy.

We wish them all the best in their academic endeavours ! 

Ex-Hong Kah Lite, Masters' Degree in Cancer Biology from Imperial College London (2008-2009) (Top of Cohort)

Kin Poh new.jpgName of Pupil: U Kin Pong
Year of graduation: 2002

Dear brothers and sisters in Hong Kah
I am Kin Pong and am currently a PhD student of University College London focusing on Stem Cells research.  My venture into this field of research did not start in the Universities of England nor did it start in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.  It started during my teen years in two wonderful nurturing cradles:  my Home and Hong Kah Secondary School. 

I belonged to the sector of the pie chart, labeled “Average Students”. It took me and my “Star Search Panels” two years to spot me and I upgraded myself to be not so average.  As you may all guess correctly, my “Star Search Panels” were the dedicated teachers of HKSS.  With their constant guidance, everlasting patience, unfailing encouragement, persistent motivation and true friendship, I was able to be clear of my goals and was committed to fulfil them.  I believe, like me, you are the STARS of the HKSS “Star Search”! Believe in yourself, discover and cultivate your talents.

From the teachers of HKSS, I have learned five secret techniques which help me accomplish many difficult academic projects and triumph over challenging goals.  This is the first time I am revealing them and I hope you will find them useful to conquer the obstacles ahead and achieve success in all that you do.  The five secret techniques are S.C.O.R.E.: 
Set goals so you can chart out a plan to achieve them.  
Continue regardless of minor disappointments.  
Open your mouth, ask questions to enquire the unknowns.  
React and respond with commitment to complete the challenges ahead.  
Encourage yourself and be encouraged as we are never alone in HKSS.              

In the beginning, I was not very enthusiastic about my studies when I first started off at HKSS. But when I stepped into Secondary 3, I was amazed by the Science lessons conducted by my Science teachers, Mrs Er-Chew Siao Fun, Mrs Chuah Lam Siang, Mrs Lim Pit Chin and Mdm Tay Su Moi. All these Science lessons stimulated my interest in Science, especially Biology. I am very grateful to HKSS teachers for their generous transfer of knowledge. HKSS teachers are also very creative in allowing students to explore their interest in their subjects of study. When I was still in school, my Science teachers provided me with opportunities to take part in various courses such as the life science campaign and orchid hybridization course to further develop my interest in Biology.

Finally, I would like to thank Mrs Er-Chew Siao Fun, Mrs Chuah Lam Siang, Mrs Lim Pit Chin, Mdm Tay Su Moi, Mdm Wong Bee Geok and other HKSS teachers who have taught me before. I would like to thank them for their constant support and encouragement that have allowed me to achieve my goal and “Reach for my star”. My advice to all my juniors will be to work hard together with your teachers and achieve success in your future studies and career.

Teaching Scholarship (2010)

Tommy-1.jpgWe are proud of nurturing Cheng Sim Kok, Tommy and inspiring him to take up a Teaching Scholarship this year (2010).

Here is Tommy's write-up - unedited 
HKSS is like my second home. It provided me a conducive and comfortable environment for me to pursue my education and help me towards my goals. I have great teachers who cared for me like I was their children, like how a parent would treat their kids. They were there to guide me through my studies and had faith in me. They were there for me when I needed a listening ear and provide great advice. They made me believe that  I could do what an express stream student could as well. That was the impetus to pursue my studies in JJC and never give up, to reach for the stars because nothing is impossible. I thank them for providing me a firm foundation in my studies and moulding a strong character in me, but words cannot encapsulate how much gratitude I have for these teachers. The warmth and care they gave and their dedication in their profession inspired me to do likewise for the future generation, becoming a teacher  and giving them a 'cozy home' as well.