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联合早报 - “泡泡堂”

To promote the learning of Chinese Language as a “living language”, Hong Kah Secondary School’s Chinese Language unit collaborated with Lianhezaobao (联合早报) on a project entitled “泡泡堂”.

Yeo Jie Kai and Tay Chye Lan from 3E1 explored the topic, “Managing Teen Emotions” in this project. They interviewed different stakeholders, such as our Humanities teacher, Mr Qin Yixuan, one parent and one student from Fuhua Secondary School. This collaboration also gave our students the opportunity to express their thoughts on this topic.

Participating in this project has allowed our students to apply the thinking routines like Circle of Viewpoints and What makes you say that to see the relevance of learning Chinese Language in real-life context.

Through this project, our students were able to see that learning Chinese Language can be a fun and enriching experience!