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Important Message to former Hong Kah Lites

Dear former Hong Kah lites,

Hong Kah Secondary turns 23 this year. We have come a long way. From the year of establishment in 1994 to present, the school has made good progress. We have created a vibrant and conducive learning environment for students, made possible by the unwavering support from our SAC and other partners. We have highly committed and competent teachers who nurture and develop our students into world-ready youths. Our Applied Learning Programme in Electronics as well as Learning for Life Programme in Sports excellence have earned us positive media coverage and affirmation by MOE and partners. It is heartening to see the gradual and steady growth of the school. All these would not have been possible if not for the support we have received from all stakeholders.

However, with the decreasing birth rates over the past decade and also young families moving out to different housing estates, some schools have to be merged. This is to ensure that every school has an adequate number of students for a meaningful educational experience. This year, another 14 pairs of schools will be involved. Hong Kah Secondary will be merging with Jurongville Secondary in 2019.

Many factors were considered for the selection of the schools for merger. Both HKSS and JVSS are compatible as a pair for merger because of our geographical proximity, similar years of history and heritage, complementary signature programmes and most important of all, we both have made good progress over the years. Hence, MOE is confident that the merger will be a success. 

We see this merger as an opportunity of growth as the bigger student enrolment in the merged school would mean our students will have a wider range of CCAs to choose from and a variety of programmes to meet their needs.

The merged site in 2019 will be at Jurongville Secondary School as the premise is a handicapped-friendly campus with a lift and their building is newer than ours.

In the months leading to the merger, I will be working with the Principal of JVSS as well as the P-designate (to be identified by MOE in 2018) to ensure that the heritage of both schools will be preserved in the new school. The new school name and crest will be decided on sometime in 2018.

The decision of merger is a difficult one for us but we understand the rationale for it as we reflect on the intent and the needs of the students. It is not the school building that has made us a family; it is the shared experience and the cherished memories that have and will continue to keep us together.

 In the days leading to the merger, we will stay positive and committed to our mission of providing an enriching and engaging experience for our Hong Kah students. We will be exploring platforms for collaboration with JVSS to create the initial bonding opportunities for our staff and students. We will also be likely to have a celebration in 2018 before we move over to begin a new chapter in the merged school.

 We will keep you posted of the development and we look forward to you being a part of our celebration next year. Please email to if you would like to share your thoughts and concerns with us.

Warmest Regards
Mdm Sung Mee Har
Hong Kah Secondary School