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Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Secondary Education School Visit


On 17 February 2016, a group of 39 students and 4 educators from Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Secondary Education School, visited our school. They had a fun and interactive morning with our students from 3E2A and 3E2B, which included cultural sharing through games and presentations; a guided school tour and sharing of knowledge with each other through poster sessions. Students of both schools also came together to discuss environmental topics. Our school leaders, partnership committee teachers and 3E2 form teachers Mr Lawrence Che, Mrs Patricia Tan, Dr. Vasanthi, Mr Daniel Ngiow and Mr Edwin You also had a good time interacting with the educators from Japan.

Upon arrival, our visitors were given a warm welcome at the foyer by our school leaders, teachers and students. Following a brief introduction of Hong Kah Secondary School by our 3E2A students and a short cultural sharing on Singapore by the students of 3E2B, students of Tokyo Koishikawa Secondary also provided insights on the background and snippets of student life in Tokyo Koishikawa High before the commencement of the guided school tour.

Hong Kah-lites and our Japanese guests then came together to discuss environmental concerns such as pollution; the ability to sustain the use of natural resources as well as the issue on climate change. The students had a fruitful session of discussion and sharing of knowledge, which translated into engaging and informative presentations which our students and our Japanese counterparts collaborated to produce.

Through a gallery walk, the session resumed with a series of poster presentations by our guests. Our Japanese student guests also shared their experiences on various conferences that they had previously attended. Both our students and our guests enjoyed and benefitted tremendously through these sharing sessions.

To showcase our school’s Applied Learning Programme in Electronics, our students also played host to guide our visitors in activities such as drone-flying as well as a friendly robotics competition. Our students also specially prepared notes of appreciation for our guests. The visit ended with a segment of cultural games, gift exchange and closing address by Mdm Sung (Principal, HKSS) where a token of appreciation was presented to Mr. Toshihiko Horie (Deputy Principal, Koishikawa High). However, the friendship forged did not end here. The students of both countries also exchanged names, email addresses and even social network links so as to keep in contact in future.

The teachers and students from Tokyo Metropolitan Koishikawa Secondary Education School gave a lot of positive feedback about our school, teachers and students. They were impressed by the vibrancy and warmth of our school. Many also mentioned that it was indeed fun to study in Hong Kah Secondary School.  The hosting experience had also provided a good platform for Hong Kah Lites to learn about the cultures and languages of other countries.