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Parent Support Group (PSG)


The parent support group (PSG) was set up for parents to work in partnership with the school to achieve the school’s vision, mission and goals.

A Voice for Parents

PSG allow parents to opt for greater involvement in the school and provides a channel for parents to raise issues and concerns, seek clarification or decisions and resolve problems.

Network of Support

PSG creates a network of links for the school, its families and the community. Members come from diverse backgrounds and possess varied skills and experiences.

Why join PSG

Besides working with the school to provide a holistic education for our children, PSG members can also look forward to workshop and activities arranged especially for them and families. They will also be able to network with other parents and make new friends.

2018 EXCO Committee

Chairman Mdm Julie Zanes
Vice-Chairman Mr Suhaimi Pa'in
Secretary Mdm Madeline Peh
Treasurer Mdm Mas’idayu
Assistant Treasurer Mdm Katherine Zhang
Event Coordinators
Mr Hisham & Ms Zalinah
Mr Ngya
Mr James2
Ms Jasmine
Ms Azila
Ms Sheila
Executive Members
Mr Shukur Bin Awang Chik, Mdm Idy Liew, Mr Solomon Adhikari, 
Ms Sarah Yap, Mr Ng Ah Kong, Ms Yu Qing, Ms Kamisah,  Mr Saif Rayan,
Ms Shahida Khanam,  Mdm Ruzita Yaakub, Ms June, Mr Helmy, 
Mr Solomon Adhikari, Ms Sarah Yap, Mdm Chella James
Mdm Ong Kah Keow, Mrs Chandra, Ms Angela, Mdm Reida



1 Mdm Sung Dialogue with Secondary One Parents 03-Jan 8:00am - 9:00am
2 Secondary One Campfire Night 06-Jan 7:00pm - 9:00pm
3 1st PSG Meeting 07-Jan 9:00am - 11:30am
4 Hampers Making Day 07-Jan 11:30am - 12:30pm
5 Project Love 2017 22-Jan 9:00am - 1:00pm
6 PSG Nature Walk @Bukit Timah 
11-Feb 8:00am - 11:00am
 7Annual Cross Country Meet   03-Mar 7:30am - 11:30am
8 PSG Fishing/Prawning  11-Mar 8:00am - 12:00pm
9 23rd Anniversary Speech Day Celebration 22-Apr 8:30am - 1:00pm
10 2nd PSG Meeting 20-May 9:30am - 11:30am
11 Meeting the Parents Session 25-May 8:00am - 4:00pm
12 Staff Retreat 1 21-Jun 8:00am - 12:00pm
13 PSG Event 08-Jul 9:00am - 1:00pm
14 3rd PSG Meeting  15-Jul 9:30am - 11:30am
15Teachers' Day Celebration 
30-Aug 9:00am - 11:00am
16 Graduating Students Night Study Programme10-22 Aug  7.00pm – 9.00pm
17 4th PSG Meeting 21-Oct 9:30am - 11:30am
18 PSG Family Bonding 11-Nov 8:30am - 12:00pm
19 Staff Retreat 2
 16-Nov 8.00am – 12.00pm
20Graduation Night  17-Nov 7.00pm – 9.00pm
21 HKSS Open House
 25-Nov  8.00am – 12.00pm 
22Secondary One Registration Day 21-Dec* Tentative 


JVSS and HKSS PSG Bonding day
On 12 May 2018, the Parent Support Group EXCO and PSG members from Jurongville and Hong Kah came together for a time of bonding and fun. The session began with a warm welcome by the Principals, Mdm Sung, Mdm Ong and Mr Chan, the Principal-Designate. This was followed by the exciting Ice breaking games and Interaction time for PSG members to know one another. Members also had an enjoyable time of bonding through the team bonding games. The session ended with an appreciative note by Mr Alvin Chong, Vice-Principal HKSS, to thank the parents for their presence and support.


PSG Family Bonding Day 2018

Playing games together is a great time to bond with your family! On 7 April 2018, our PSG members with their families and families of our Sec 2 students gathered at West Bowl CSC@Bukit Batok for a fun time of bowling. It was heartening to see the families enjoying themselves and spending quality time with their family members.


Annual HKSS Run Spartan Race Edition 2018

Our 24th Annual HKSS Run Spartan Race Edition was held on 29 March 2018. It was great to see the PSG members joining us in the fun, especially in trying to clear the obstacles challenge before the finishing line. Thank you parents for helping out to flag off the various events and also to Mdm Madeline and Mdm Faridah who had graciously helped to give out the prizes to the winners! The beautiful memories of the event will always be remembered and cherished.


CNY Celebrations
On 15 February 2018, our PSG members joined us in our CNY concert to celebrate the joyous occasion. Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!


Project Love Programme 2018
On 3 February 2018, our PSG members helped with the distribution of hampers to needy families around Jurong West. Project Love is an annual collaboration between Jurong RC and our school to bring the festive cheer to needy families.


PSG First Meeting and Hampers Making Session 2018
On 20 January 2018, our PSG parents came together for the first meeting of the year. The meeting started with a warm welcome by the Principal, Mdm Sung and the opening address of PSG Chairman, Julie. This was followed by the wrapping of hampers in preparation for the Project Love programme.


Night Study Programme 2017
Every year, our PSG members  never fail to provide support to our  graduating students who are studying for their National exams . Besides turning up to provide moral support to our students, they also  provide delicious snacks and drinks for them. Thank you parents for your  kind thoughts!


PSG Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Hong Kah
On 22 September 2017, our school celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with the reunion of Alumni members  and also our PSG parents. It was an enjoyable time of bonding and tasting the delicious moon cakes and “yam cha” (drink tea).


National Day Celebrations 2017
On 8th August, our school’s National Day celebrations began with a whole-school effort to form the letter HKSS.  We were delighted to have members of our PSG joining us in the formation and also for witnessing the  National Day Observance Ceremony and performances by Performing Arts Groups in the hall. Thank you Mdm Madeline, Mdm Ayu, Mdm Zalinah, Mr Norhisam, Mdm Faridah, Mdm Nur, Mdm Redia, Mdm Sheila for your presence


House Olympics 2017
Our 6th House Olympics was held on 28 July 2017.  We were heartened to have with us Mdm Julie, Mdm Madeline, Mdm Idy, Mdm Zalinah, Mdm Yu Qin, Mdm Faridah, Mdm Redia and her husband to witness the event. Thank you Mdm Julie, who had graciously helped to give out the prizes to the winners! Your presence in the various venues had motivated your child to excel in the various games they played


PSG Baking Session 2017
On 15 July 2017, members of the PSG had a fun time learning how to bake an upside down pineapple cake in the school. We never know that baking a delicious cake can be so simple Special thanks to our NFS teacher, Mdm Crystal Cheng!


PSG Family Bonding Day 2017
On 10 June 2017, our PSG members had a fun time prawning at ORTO with their families. The scenic and relaxing park was a perfect place for the families to bond. Everyone was  thrilled and excited with the catch!


On 22th October, PSG organised a Bubble Bump event for the second Family Bonding Day. A large group of parents came and had fun playing soccer in bubble bumps.  They experienced the most whacky, exhilarating and crazy time with the parents and students. Soccer has just became a contact sport: Bump or be bumped in this game.

Teachers’ day celebration was held on the 1st of September. Three members of the PSG came to school to celebrate teachers’ day with the school students. They showed a video in appreciation of the school and teachers. They had a good time and enjoyed themselves very much. The PSG even gave a gift of honey sweets for all teachers and staff during the celebration.
On 31 August night, members of the PSG celebrated the mid-autumn festival with the school teachers. They had a great time singing, playing lanterns and eating mooncakes.
Night Study support from the PSG has been a yearly affair and their presence has always been a motivation to our graduating students who are studying and preparing for their National exams. Thank you parents for your wonderful support by showering our students with cakes and puffs and drinks while they study.
The school celebrated National Day on 8th August this year. We were indeed happy to see members from the PSG celebrating with us and having a great time bonding with the school. Thank you Mr Shukur and Mr Ngya for coming to witness this grand occasion!
On 29 July, Mdm Jasmine was present to witness the House Olympics Event held in the school compound. It was an exciting day for all with so many games played and prizes won. Mdm Jasmine was actively seen checking on the various games in separate venues and she helped to give out the prizes at the closing of the prize giving ceremony.
On 21 July, the school celebrated racial harmony day. The students and teachers came in their ethnic clothing and made the school colourful. Mdm Elsie, Yu Qing and Ruzita came to celebrate Racial Harmony day with the school. They set up stall in the school canteen and had a great day selling (at a token price) waffles, cupcakes, and tit-bits to our happy students and teachers.


PSG Family Bonding Day 2016
On 4 June 2016, our PSG members with their families and families of our students gathered together at the Hai Bin J Enterprise for the PSG Family Bonding Day. This event encouraged students to have a bonding session over prawning activities and BBQ.  Mr Shukur, Mr Suhaimi, Mdm Elsie, Mdm Magdalene, Mdm Shahidah and Mdm Jasmine were present. Thank you Mr Ngya for coordinating the activity, sponsoring the BBQ food and ensuring everyone was fine. It was an exciting day filled with laughter and happiness. 

Staff Retreat June 2016
Our PSG member, Mdm Jasmine joined our staff at the Westwood Bowl to have a fun-filled day on 3 June 2016. Jasmine was with the Alpha house and it was competition time with the other three houses Beta, Gamma and Omega. However, after two hours of bowling and snack attacks, everybody enjoyed themselves and become the winners

22nd Speech Day 2016
On 23rd April, the PSG celebrated our school’s Speech Day graced by GOH A/P Lim Tit Meng (Chief Executive of Singapore Science Centre). During this occasion, three of PSG members (Mr Shukur, Mdm Idy and Mdm Katherine) were awarded the Friends of Hong Kah Awards. They had a wonderful time celebrating with the school.

Good Neighbours Project 2016
On 27 March, PSG joined the school in the Good Neighbours Project 2016 organised by the school in collaboration with YEC and HDB. This is a community project where PSG, students and neighbours learn to turn unwanted papers into roses and form the largest collage made of recycled materials as part of a record breaking feat for the Singapore Record book.







2015 Graduating Students Night Study Programme
The PSG continued their tradition in providing food and refreshment for our students during the  Night Study Programme for the graduating cohort from 14th to 23rd September this year.  The Night Study Programme provides a conducive environment for our students to do their revision in preparation for their N or O Level Examinations. Parents from the PSG hope that their support and presence will help motivate all students and spur them on their final lapse. They want the students to know that they are not alone in their journey and their parents, teachers and school leaders are contributing and encouraging them in their own way. Thank you for your generous support, PSG!

2015 Teachers’ Day Celebration
Teachers’ Day was celebrated with a bang on 3rd September this year. Mr Ng Ah Kong, Mdm Niroshini and Mdm Ruzita sang their hearts out during the finale segment of the programme. Thank you PSG for your presence in celebrating Teachers’ Day with us. Your video presentation and tokens of appreciation for the teachers were wonderful gifts for us!

2015 PSG Family Bonding Through Sport
The PSG members had a wonderful day on 15th August (Sat) when they played Futsal together with their children. Many parents and students came too. There was also a wheelchair basketball clinic for HKSS parents and students. We had fun and lots of exercise. It sure was a good workout for everyone. It was bonding time for the parents with their children and PSG members.
2015 National Day Celebration (6th August, Thursday)
On 6th August (Thu), Mr Ng Ah Kong, Mdm Niroshini and Mdm Ruzita came to our school in red shirts to celebrate National day with us. They sang along with the school leaders and staff during the finale of the programme. It was indeed a memorable day for all. Thank you PSG for your continual support!

2015 Youth Celebrate! and Official Opening of Singapore Sports Hub (26th July, Sunday)
Mdm Idy and family joined the school to witness the event. There were more than 3,700 performers and athletes from all MOE schools, as well as Special Education schools and Institutes of Higher Learning. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was the Guest-of-Honour for the event.

2015 House Olympics (24th July, Fri)
Mr Shukur, Mdm Elsie and Mdm Niroshini were invited as guests during the House Olympics Prize Presentation Ceremony. They also witnessed our B-division boys winning the National Schools Football Championship during the “Live Telecast” set up by the ICT committee.

2015 Racial Harmony Day (22nd July, Wednesday)
This year Racial Harmony Day was celebrated with a difference. Our PSG members came in full force to offer finger food for our students to enjoy. Mdm Chella, Mdm Niroshini, Mdm Elsie, Mdm YuQing and Mdm Kong Hongmei had a great time. The fusion cupcakes (made by Mdm Shahida) and the chocolate waffles (made by Mdm Elsie) were so popular that they were completely sold out during the lower secondary recess!

2015 Staff Retreat during the June Holiday (11th June, Thursday)
Two members of the PSG (Mdm Idy Liew and Mdm Jasmine) put on their chef hats and collaborated with our teachers and staff to cook up a SG50 feast during our school Staff Retreat! It was a fun day filled with laughter and lots of food for everyone!

2015 21st Anniversary Speech Day Celebration (25th April, Saturday)
This year we had four PSG members receiving their Friend of Hong Kah Awards during the school’s 21stAnniversary Speech Day celebration. They were Mdm Shahida, Mdm Niroshini, Mdm Jasmine and Mr Ng Ah Kong. Also present to witness the celebration were Mr Shukur, Mdm Idy Liew and Mdm Elsie Chan.
Our PSG members organised a Bonding Day event at West Bowl CSC@Bukit Batok. The PSG members and school parents had lots of fun bowling and pitting their skills against each other. They are looking forward to similar events to be organised this year. We hope that more parents can join us too.
On 13 Feb, our PSG members attended the Annual Cross Country Meet at the Jurong Central Park. The PSG had an enjoyable day helping out with the flagging off of the boys and girls events as well as giving out prizes to our school children. PSG, thank you for your support.
The PSG members helped out with the Project Love Programme, collaboration between the Jurong RC and HKSS. They were present to help with the distribution of food hampers to the needy families around the Jurong West vicinity.  One week earlier, the members were busy wrapping the hampers in preparation for the Project Love Programme. After almost two hours of hard work, they managed to make 35 hampers.
On 23 Jan, the PSG members supported the Ohana Haven Charity Golf Event. They came in full support to attend the charity dinner held at the Raffles Country Club. It was indeed a wonderful evening with lots of fun, laughter and wonderful entertainment. Two members also came to helped in preparing the goodies bags for the Charity Gold Event.
PSG showed their support to the Sec One parents by attending the Sec One Campfire Night on 16 Jan. They also gave a welcoming speech to the Sec One parents and encouraged them to join the PSG in this year’s coming activities and events.  The first PSG Meeting was held on the 10 Jan and the EXCO members were given letters of appointment by our school principal, Mdm Sung Mee Har in recognition of the work done by them.