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Framework And Approach


The framework guides the development of our school’s Applied Learning Programme.

The trophy design of the framework symbolises our aim to achieve educational excellence in electronics education. At the core of the framework is our vision and learning outcomes.

Guiding Principles

These four principles guide the development of the framework.
  1. Every Hong Kah Lite is a learner and will benefit from our Applied Learning Programme, “Real World Learning through Electronics”.
  2. The Applied Learning Programme facilitates the development of 21st century competencies.
  3. Learning is linked to the real world and is practice-oriented.
  4. The Applied Learning Programme is a school-wide programme that is pervasive in the school culture.

ACE2 Approach

Our programme is customised to provide diversified, differentiated and progressive experiences.
A –      Acquisition of knowledge, e.g. through curricular infusion
C –      Connect learning to hands-on and real-world practice, e.g. design of circuit boards or mobile applications
E –      Experiential learning, e.g. learning journeys, values-in-action projects, study trips
E –      Extended learning for top-tier students, e.g. specialisation in applied subjects

Our People, Our Enablers

We are supported by a learning community that comprises our professionals and partners. We provide growth opportunities to our staff and collaborate with our partners to support our students in learning.