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Level-wide Programmes

We offer a differentiated and progressive curriculum for our Hong Kah Lites.

Every Hong Kah Lite

Within Tiers 1 to 3 of literacy, students experience a four/five-year programme with level-specific themes.

Secondary 1Discovery
Students are introduced and exposed to the world of electronics.
Secondary 2Application
Students apply their basic understanding of electronics to real-world problems
Secondary 3 Community
Students understand the significance of electronics in society, and contribute to society through electronics-related tasks. 
 Secondary 4 and 5 My Future Choices
Students understand the higher education pathways and career options on electronics.


These comprise student groups from our Science Talent and Research Programme (our school’s student talent development programme to groom our best and brightest in science research and application) and Robotics arm from our Infocomm Club.

By 2017, this group will be expanded to include our first batch of Secondary 3 Normal Technical students who opt to read the ITE Applied Subject, “Electronics and Smart Electrical Technology”.


These are our Secondary 3 and 4 students who choose to read the O-Level Applied Subject, “Electronics”. They belong to the top 5% of the student cohort (for electronics education).