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Media Literacy

Media Literacy refers to the ability to access, analyse, evaluate and create media products across different online and offline media platforms. It is important that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make wise choices about the information they read or create, post and share online. They need to take responsibility for their actions and show good judgement in their online interactions.

In 2015, Secondary 1 students began their 7-session programme in Term 1.  The weekly session, each lasting for 2 hours, covered topics such as social media and social responsibility in media delivery, and cyber-wellness.  Throughout the 7 sessions, other than reading and analysing information, they were engaged in creating and posting blogs (in groups) on rainforest conservation.  Their blogs were based on what they were required to complete for their rainforest conservation project.  In addition, students were required to prepare presentation materials on cyberwellness.


Media Literacy Programme


Media Literacy Project


Media Literacy Talks.


Media Literacy Talks.


Media Literacy Talks.