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Sapphire Talent Programme


The Sapphire Talent Programme strives to top-stretch academically-able Hong Kah Lites into compassionate thinkers who shall be exemplary in these aspects:

  1. High self-management and social awareness as demonstrated by the ability to understand individual strengths, areas for improvement and interests, engage in metacognition where they evaluate their own thinking, and devote their hearts, minds and talents to others;

  1. High intellectual flexibility as demonstrated by the disposition to think critically in managing complexities; and

  1. Future-readiness where they are prepared for entry into Institutions of Higher Learning. 

Why “Sapphire Talent”?

A sapphire is a precious blue gem, otherwise known as the “stone of wisdom”. We envisage that our Sapphire Talents will gain wisdom through this talent programme and use their wisdom to benefit others.

Opportunities to Excel

The Sapphire Talent will receive these opportunities in this four-year programme:

  1. Individual academic mentorships by teacher mentors; 

  1. Participation in exclusive learning journeys and inter-school competitions;

  1. Community outreach programmes; and

  1. Overseas study trips.

Upon graduation from the Sapphire Talent Programme, the Sapphire Talent receives a Sapphire Talent Certificate and Portfolio.


We will enrol Sapphire Talents into the programme at two points:

  1. Newly-posted Secondary One students with PSLE T-score of 210 and above are selected for the programme; and

  1. Secondary Two students will be selected based on their conduct and academic achievements in Secondary One.

Hear from one of our Sapphire Talents, Gina Chong from 3E2A (2016):
“I am humbled to be selected for the prestigious Sapphire Talent Programme. It is a good platform for me to challenge and stretch myself. Through the Sapphire Talent Programme, I hope to contribute back to Hong Kah by representing the school in competitions and creating events to help the community.”


Top Student for Secondary 1 Normal Technical (2014)
Top Student for Secondary 2 Normal Academic (2015)


You may contact these teachers for clarifications:

Ms Chua Shi Qian, Head of Department (Special Projects)

Mr Sun Daojun, Level Head (Mathematics)