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School Rules and Regulations


  • All students present must attend the flag-raising ceremony during term time. 
  • Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. 


All students must
  • be punctual for class lessons and school activities,
  • produce either a medical certificate or parent's letter if they have been absent from school,
  • sign in at the Security Guard post and proceed to the General Office if they are late after curriculum time.


1. Attire
All students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Any form of modifications to the uniform is not allowed.
All students must
  • wear trousers / shorts / skirts of appropriate lengths,
  • wear the proper PE attire during PE lessons and change back into their formal school uniform by the end of the PE lesson,
  • wear the School tie during the bi-weekly hall assembly and at major school functions,
  • not wear cap or head-covering material in school.

2. Grooming
All students must
  • be well-groomed with neatly cut hair which is of natural colour, 
  • keep fingernails short with no nail polish is not allowed,
  • refrain from wearing any jewellery or accessories. Earrings worn by girls should not exceed 3 mm in diameter and multiple earrings and ear sticks are not allowed,
  • not display amulets worn around the neck for religious reasons,
  • refrain from using any cosmetics,
  • be free of any tattoos or body art drawings, including henna decorations.

Boys are not allowed to keep facial hair and students with facial hair will be required to be clean-shaven.
3. General behaviour
  • maintain self-discipline at all times,
  • obtain an EXIT PASS whenever leaving the classroom for any purpose,
  • not consume any food and drinks outside the canteen,
  • return used crockery and cutlery to the respective receptacles provided,
  • take good care of school property and not vandalise them.


  • Pupils are permitted to use their mobile phones and other telecommunication equipment before the start of, and after, curriculum hours. 
  • They are to use them only at the STAR Centre, the foyer and canteen area.


  • Students will be dealt with by the school’s Disciplinary Committee in line with the category of offence committed.
  • Students’ parents may be asked to come for discussions with the discipline teachers.
  • If students continually and persistently break the school rules, they will be suspended from school.

Serious Offences Actions Taken For Offences

The following are considered as serious offences:

  1. Open defiance & rudeness 
  2. Blatant disrespect for School Staff
  3. Using vulgar language
  4. Disruptive behaviour in class
  5. Not doing assignments
  6. Smoking / possession of tobacco products
  7. Substance / Inhalant abuse
  8. Littering
  9. Assault & Fighting
  10. Bullying
  11. Gangsterism
  12. Possession of pornographic materials
  13. Possession of weapons
  14. Gambling
  15. Threatening other students
  16. Extortion
  17. Theft in school
  18. Vandalism
  19. Cheating in tests or examinations
  20. Repeated truancy
  21. Forgery
  22. Leaving school grounds without permission
  23. Tarnishing the image of the school

One or more of the following actions will be taken against offenders, depending on the frequency and severity of the offences committed:

  1. Warning And / Or Counselling
  2. Detention
  3. Confiscation Of Prohibited Items
  4. Parental Involvement
  5. Suspension
  6. Caning
  7. Police Assistance
  8. Referral To External Agencies